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Differential Disposal Fee Program2 DE Reg. 1328(02/01/1999)(Proposed)
Differential Disposal Fee Program5 DE Reg. 115(07/01/2001)(Final)
Differential Disposal Fee Program2 DE Reg. 2032(05/01/1999)(Final)
Differential Disposal Fee Program4 DE Reg. 1697(05/01/2001)(Proposed)
DSWA Regulations2 DE Reg. 1316(02/01/1999)(Proposed)
DSWA Regulations5 DE Reg. 100(07/01/2001)(Final)
DSWA Regulations2 DE Reg. 2020(05/01/1999)(Final)
DSWA Regulations4 DE Reg. 1687(05/01/2001)(Proposed)
Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan5 DE Reg. 117(07/01/2001)(Final)
Statewide Solid Waste Management Plan2 DE Reg. 2033(05/01/1999)(Final)
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